Frequently asked questions for visitors

How do I register for a visit?

Go to the registration page and enter information. (free)

  • STEP 1: Enter your information and answers for questionnaire. Next
  • STEP 2: Check your information and answers are correct on the confirmation screen.Next
  • STEP 3: Your registration is complete and “Visitor Badge” will appear on the screen. Print the badge out and bring it with you on the day of the exhibition. Simultaneously, a “registration complete” email will be sent to your email address. There is an URL to access to your “Visitor Badge” in the email; you can print it out anytime at your convenience.
  • * URL in the email expires after 7 days for security reasons. To access to your badge after the expiration, click the URL on the email. A new email will be sent with the new URL; you can access to your new badge and print it out.
I do not receive a “registration complete” email though I registered.

If you do not receive a “registration complete” email, there are some possible reasons shown below.
Check the reasons below and contact us if you cannot find the answer.

<Reason (1)>Spam filter offered by your Internet service provider, etc. misjudged the email as spam and sorted it in to spam folder.
<Answer (1)>Check the spam folder or ask your company’s network system representative if the email is sorted as spam.
<Reason (2)>The email address you entered in registration was incorrect.
<Answer (2)>If the email is not in the spam folder, it is not delivered to you due to email address error. If so, please notify us.
I have registered/visited in the past. Do I need to register again for this year?
Can I use the User ID and Password used in the past?
Registration for visit is necessary every year.
In addition, the User ID and password used last year cannot be used due to security reasons.
We appreciate your understanding.
I cannot proceed to the next step though I entered all information in STEP 1 of the pre-registration.
Check if there is no error message on the screen. When any error mark is shown, correct the information.
Can I visit the exhibition without pre-registration?
If you have an invitation, you can enter the venue free of charge. If you do not have an invitation, you must pay 3,000 yen for entry fee, so we recommend you to pre-register on the Web.
Can I register as a group?
You cannot register for your group by the system.
I deleted the registration complete email. Who should I contact to request to send the email again?
Notify us to request for resending the email.

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