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ENEX / SEJ / Energy Supply & Service Showcase Secretariat
c/o JTB Communication Design,Inc.

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Exhibition fee

Associations 275,616 JPY
Company 329,076 JPY

Raw Space

1booth: 9 square meters (W3m X D3m X H2.7m) with Panels to separate neighboring booths

  • * The corner booth will only have one side wall.
  • * The above exhibition fee does not include the cost for installation & dismantling, decoration, booth cleaning & disposal and the charges for electricity/water supply and drainage/telephone.

(Optional) Package Booth

Display Cabinet with Sliding Door x 3
Reception Counter
Fascia Board 3m
Name Plate
Folding Chair x 2
Brochure Stand
Name Card Box
Arm Spot Light (100W) x 3
Electric Supply 1kW
Power Socket
Trach Can
Plans start from 110,000 JPY
(tax included)

How to Apply

  • Please send your application form to the Secretariat by email attachement or fax by the deadline date.
  • To apply for presentation slot for exhibitors, please choose an available slot from the presentation timetable, and write the date and time on the application form.


In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after Sep. 28, 2018. Only when the Secretariat deems itunavoidable, the cancellation will be accepted. In such cases the following penalties will be incurred based on the date written notice of cancellation is received.

Based on the date
of cancellation
Cancellation fee
Before Sep. 28, 2018 50% of the
invoiced amount
On and after Sep. 29, 2018 100% of the
invoiced amount


Deadline for application September 28 (Fri.), 2018
Available Exhibitor's Manual End of October, 2018
Move in January 28 (Mon.) - 29 (Tue.), 2019
Exhibition January 30 (Wed.) - February 1 (Fri.), 2019 :
10am - 5pm

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ENEX / SEJ / Energy Supply & Service Showcase Secretariat
c/o JTB Communication Design,Inc.
Celestine Shiba Mitsui Building, 3-23-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8335
TEL: +81-3-5657-0762
FAX: +81-3-5657-0645


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