Exhibit Profile

Exhibit Profile

【Energy-efficiency Technology】

Heat pump, Thermal energy storage, Thermoelectric conversion technology, Energy harvesting technology, Utilization of Unutilized Energy, etc.

【Instruments / Equipments / Elements】

Boiler, Steam traps, Heat exchanger, Air-conditioning facility, Flowmeter, Exhaust heat recovery equipment, Heat shield film, etc.


Energy Management System (EMS), Demand Monitoring System, Cogeneration, Gas air conditioning system, Electricity storage system, Water cycle system, etc.


Electricity / gas / heat supply, Mansion power receiving condominium / operation / maintenance, BCP support, Energy – efficiency consulting, Energy efficiency diagnosis, Energy performance tuning, etc.

【Renewable Energy】

Utilization of Geothermal Energy / Terrestrial Heat, Solar photovoltaics, Small hydroelectric generation, Wind power generation, etc.

Exhibit Profile

【Smart House / Connected Home】

HEMS, Visualization Service, HEMS Controller, Watching Support System, Home security, Software / Middleware, Home appliance control system, IoT / M2M system, Network construction, Cloud / APP development, System Integrator, Customized development, etc.

【Smart Building】

Building Automation, Wireless sensor network system, Measurement instruments, Short-range wireless communication system, Environmental monitoring, IoT / M2M system, Automatic control system, etc.

【Energy System】

Distributed energy system, Remote monitoring system, Smart grid system, Power‐transmission line monitoring system, Public facilities monitoring system, etc.

Exhibit Profile


Electricity / gas retailing, Power Producer & Supplier, Tie-in sale, Demand response, Portal site, Rate simulation, Point giving, Negawatt Trade, etc.

【ICT Solution】

Demand / Supply Planning & Management, External Cooperation, Switching support, Demand response, Visualization support, Big data analytics, Smart meter, etc.

【Customer Management】

Customer & Contract Registration, Switching support, Examination Data Reception & Registration, Customer information management, Fee Calculation, Billing Proxy Service, etc.


Demand / Supply Prediction, Direct Mail Sending Service, Call Center, Power Producer & Supplier Consulting, etc.

【District Energy】

District Power Producer & Supplier, Renewable Energy, Community Service, etc.

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