Exhibit Profile

Exhibit Profile

【Energy-saving equipment, systems, facilities and solutions】

Heat-related (steam, hot water, cold water, etc.), waste heat recovery, heat pumps, cogeneration, binary power generation, motors, inverter, measurement and control, ground heat utilization, air conditioning, lighting, district heat supply, ZEB/ZEH related, etc.

【Energy service】

Energy supply (electricity, gas, and heat), energy conservation diagnosis, facility management, management, operation, and maintenance, ESCO consulting, etc.

【Energy management system】

CEMS/FEMS/BEMS/HEMS, demand forecasting, IoT visualization, energy cloud, etc.

【Energy-saving technologies】

Thermal storage, electrical storage, utilization of unused heat, heating and cooling, thermal insulation and insulation, motor control, power devices, hydrogen and fuel cells, etc.

Expected visitors


Plant Manager, Energy Manager, Facility Manager General Affairs, Facility Management Representatives, Building Owners, Commercial Facilities/Stores, Local Governments

【Construction and housing】

Construction industry, construction companies, design offices, house manufacturers, builders, condominium management associations


Logistics, transportation and shipping business operators

【Research and development】

Manufacturers' product developers, design engineers, research institutes, and university laboratories

Exhibit Profile

【Energy resource aggregation, IT software, and cloud services】

VPPs, demand response, and distributed energy systems: DERMS (distributed power management system), DMS (distribution management system), and ADMS (advanced energy systems) Grid simulation tools, data analysis tools, power electronics equipment, storage batteries, V2G, etc.

【Technologies and products related to renewable energy】

Renewable energy power generation facilities and systems, industrial gas engine power generation, gas engine cogeneration, O&M (operation and maintenance), and binary power generation, Renewable energy power generation prediction system, etc.

【Energy Business Support】

Cloud services for public utilities, demand and procurement plans, electricity transactions, supply and demand management, electricity CIS, big data analysis, business consulting, etc.


Power outages and savings, weather forecasts and environmental data analysis, natural disaster countermeasures, BCP countermeasures, emergency power sources, storage batteries, etc.

Expected visitors


Resource aggregators, aggregation coordinators

【System integrator】
【Renewable energy power producers】
【Electric power generation company】
【General Power Transmission and Distribution Business Operator】
【Power companies and gas companies】
【Retail electric utility】

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